Interactive data analysis with Zeppelin

Notebooks are a new way for data exploration, visualization and sharing insights. In a single environment, you can you use many languages like R, Python or SQL etc. for exploring the data while you can collaborate real-time with your colleagues. Leverage more visualisation options and simultaneously you keep the code, comments and any analysis related assets together. One possible option for notebooks is Apache Zeppelin and this talk will introduce you this tool, including limitations, potential pitfalls and possible use cases in any data science team.

Szuromi Tamás
Data Analyst, Liligo

I’m a versatile data scientist. More generalist than specialist, information and data addict, developer, No&SQL ninja, statistics and machine learning enthusiast.Every day I try to discover new technologies and methods to solve problems in the future. So I really like learning, reading, experienced by new technologies. I enjoy every field of Data Science where I can solve complex problems with data and the suitable tools or meanwhile just adding some useful values to the customer experience with insights or analysis.