Dynamic pricing in the hotel industry

Talking about hotels at a BI conference? Might sound odd, but business intelligence and data driven decision making are more and more applied in various non-data industries as well. My example for this presentation will be hotels.
The audience will be introduced to the characteristics of the hospitality sector influencing pricing, which factors are shaping dynamic pricing, what data and systems are necessary for a hotel Revenue Manager to make pricing decisions, and 
how to measure the success of these decisions.
Haris Gergely
Project Manager, Haris Park Ltd.
Gergely is a hospitality professional, experiencing the flow of hotel sales and pricing from various viewpoints: starting from being a Reservations Sales Agent at the Four Seasons Budapest, ending up in the Starwood Hotels and Resorts EAME headquarters in Brussels (counting 1200+ hotels worldwide at the time) working on revenue management, pricing, and online distribution projects.