Package ggiraph: a ggplot2 Extension for Interactive Graphics

With rise of data visualisation, ggplot2 and D3.js tools have become very popular these last years. The first is providing an high level library for data visualisation whereas the latter is providing a low level library for binding graphical elements in a web context.
The ggiraph package combines both tools. From a user point of view, it enables the production of interactive graphics from ggplot2 objects by using their extension mechanism. It provides useful interactive capabilities such as tooltips and zoom/pan. Last but not least, graphical elements can be selected when a ggiraph object is embedded in a Shiny app: selection will be available as a reactive value. The interface is simple, flexible and does not requires effort to be integrated in R Markdown documents or Shiny applications.
In this talk I will introduce ggiraph and show examples of using it as a data visualisation tools in RStudio, Shiny applications and R Markdown documents.

David Gohel
Consultant, ArData

David Gohel is a data scientist providing analytical solutions, R consulting and training for enterprises. He writes several R packages including ReporteRs and ggiraph.