The evolution of data-driven culture in the online travel

The term data-driven has become a buzzword but what about the implementation in a company? All should always aim to be more data-driven but road towards to this goal could be rugged. Companies collect some data and this is the first baby step to be data-driven or at least data-informed. If you want to make lives easier and solve problems only that matters how you transform your assets into insights, utilize data or enable better business decisions.
In this talk,  I’m going to show you problems we solved and some details how you can leverage modern data tools.

Szuromi Tamás
Data scientist, Gameloft and formerly Liligo 

I’m Tamas Szuromi a versatile data scientist, more generalist than specialist, information and data addict, developer, No&SQL specialist, statistics and machine learning enthusiast.
Every day I try to discover new technologies and methods to solve problems in the future. So I really like learning, reading, experienced by new technologies. I enjoy every field of Data Science where I can solve complex problems with data and the suitable tools or meanwhile just adding some useful values to the customer experience with insights or analysis.