Using R as a BI tool

BI sofwares have been around for years and the industry can be considered as a mature market. R is not often seen as a serious option but should be: it has a comprehensive set of tools for reading, wrangling and writing data, for quality monitoring and many more data operations. During the talk, I will present R pros and cons in BI market.

A demo based on a real case will be presented. In a context of data flows aggregations, I will detail how R can create datamarts from several data sources. I will explain how to implement a worflow where specificities can be expressed without coding, how to define and run flexible validations of data against various set of rules and how to reduce back and forths between data clients and data providers with the creation of an efficient and evolving reporting system.

David Gohel
Consultant, ArData

David Gohel is a data scientist providing analytical solutions, R consulting and training for enterprises. He writes several R packages including ReporteRs and ggiraph.