Visualizing E-commerce Data – How we make our numbers more informative in

The purpose of visualization is not just to show the numbers, but to deliver rich qualitative information in a visual approach. In this talk we will use online travel industry as an example to go through the main guidelines to design your visualization and to make your numbers more informative: 1) use comparisons: whether the number presented is good or bad; 2) show the relations: what is causing it and what it means to other metrics; 3) understand your users:  what are the most important comparisons/relations to them. With these guidelines in mind, it will be much easier and quicker for your dashboard to convey messages, which can truly help stakeholders to understand business performance and hence derive strategic decisions

Jessica Zhou
Business Analyst,

I am a Business Analyst at, one of the brands from Expedia Inc.. My work mainly focuses on data visualization for internal reporting using R. Before that I worked as a data scientist intern in Expedia Affiliate Network. I am passionate about looking for insights from data analysis and effective information delivery using visualization. I have a Master’s Degree in Business Analytics from Imperial College London.