Your flight is boarding now – Guided Analytics in action with KNIME

You have certainly heard many times the sentence “Your flight is boarding now!”. This means you should hurry up! Unless the flight has been delayed. We can all imagine that flight delays have a negative impact on airlines, airports and passengers. Thus, their prediction is important for all players involved in commercial aviation. But how can one predict departure delays and discover the most likely causes?

The first part of this talk explains how to guide the end user through some graphical data explorations through a friendly web application. The second part demonstrates how to build a workflow for predicting flight delays and how to guide the end user through the KNIME WebPortal.

Vincenzo Tursi
Data scientist, KNIME

Vincenzo Tursi has been a data scientist at KNIME for the past year and half. During this time he has worked on text processing, network graph analysis, and 360 degrees customer data analytics. He is currently writing a book on text processing using KNIME.

Before joining KNIME, Vincenzo worked as Business Consultant for Capgemini S.p.A and Business Integration Partners S.p.A. in Italy. He then moved to Germany for a short time period as Research Associate at Saarland University.