Call for Papers

About the Conference

The Budapest BI Forum is the leading vendor-independent business intelligence and analytics conference in Hungary.

One of the main feature of the event is the multi-subject approach: we have PyData, Rstats, Data visualization, machine learning and BI talk at the same venue. This way speaking at the Budapest BI Forum in any of the tracks also provides a special chance to learn about other interesting fields of BI and analytics.

Conference tracks in 2018

This year we will have the following track, with a separate CFP for each.

Some talks will fit more than one track (for example a dataviz talk done in R or a ML talk using scikit-learn. In this case feel free to mention both tracks

Speakers are also welcome to submit more than one talks to the same or to different tracks.

How to apply?

By filling in the CFP Application Form


The deadline for CFP submission is  3. September 17. September.  Speakers will be notified by email.

Any questions?

If you have any question, Bence Arató, the program chair of conferenceis happy to help. You can contact him at or on Twitter at @bencearato.


We are looking forward to welcome you to Budapest!