Communicating Effectively with RStudio Connect

You’ve cleaned your data, built your model, and are ready to communicate the results to your colleagues and clients. What’s the best way to do this? In this talk, we’ll explore how publication fits into the modern data science workflow. Both open source technologies, such as Shiny and RMarkdown, and RStudio’s professional publishing platform, RStudio Connect, will be showcased. This talk is targeted at intermediate level R users, but new users interested in communicating results may find this useful as well.

Mark Engeln
Customer Success, RStudio
At RStudio, Mark specializes in helping media, technology, and consulting companies utilize the R language to accomplish business goals. Additionally, he tirelessly promotes RStudio’s core message of bringing open source technology into the enterprise environment. Prior to RStudio, Mark was a statistician at USC Medical Center where he conducted research focused on genomics and oncology.