Python NLP libraries you wished to know

Natural Language Processing is getting to be more and more popular over the last decade as a vast amount of textual data became available. At the same time, text mining practitioners long to build solutions that utilize building blocks being freely available, easily usable and highly accurate at the same time. However, such libraries were rarely available for the NLP community up until recently. In this talk, I will introduce a handful of notable open-source tools that can be a key element of your next Machine Learning project. I am going to present some of the most important text mining problems, and show how they can be addressed easily using open source libraries.

Orosz György
Senior Machine Learning Engineer, LogMeIn

Gyorgy is a Senior Machine Learning Engineer at LogMeIn, where he is responsible for building production grade text mining solutions. Prior to this, he spent several years researching NLP problems both in the academia and in the industry. Gyorgy holds an MSc in Computer Science and a PhD in Natural Language Processing. He is a father of two daughters, plays squash and contributes to open source projects in his free time.