Best of Both Worlds: SAS and Open Source

During this presentation we will explain the open ecosystem that SAS supports and how SAS is embracing and extending Open Source. We will include some demonstrations and finally highlight the reasons for why SAS and Open Source can be better together.

Tuba Islam
Analytics Solution Manager, SAS

Working on analytics for more than a decade, Tuba Islam enjoys telling data-driven stories and designing analytical solutions to solve complex business problems in simple, creative and effective ways. She is specialised in machine learning, forecasting, text analytics and model management. She has delivered many interesting projects across various industries including rogue trader fraud detection in capital markets, smart metering analytics in utilities, credit risk in banking, churn prediction in telecom, rate making in insurance and demand forecasting in retail. She also enjoys discussing the goodness of SAS and open source integration and how they complement each other. Before joining SAS, Tuba worked on speech recognition and language identification projects in a research institute. She has an electrical and electronics engineering background and holds a master’s degree in digital signal processing.