Growth Analytics for Digital Products

Most companies today are building digital products. Mobile apps and enterprise software are clearly products, but we can also consider a newsletter, eBook, podcast, and even the company’s website as a digital product. For most of these products, the main goal is to grow the user base. This talk will share some learnings on growth analytics and make recommendations on what to focus on in each phase. It will cover topics like key metrics to monitor, why retention and engagement matters, how to run experiments, the importance of user segmentation, and many more.

Prekopcsák Zoltán
VP Data & Analytics, RapidMiner

Zoltan is a data scientist and entrepreneur who has spent the past 8 years working at data-driven startups. He is currently leading the data science and analytics efforts at RapidMiner. Previously, he was leading the Engineering organization and been a product manager. Prior to RapidMiner, Zoltan was the CEO and Founder of Radoop, a big data analytics company that RapidMiner acquired in 2014. He has experience in data science projects in various industries including telecommunications, financial services, e-commerce, neuroscience, and many more. Previously, he was a data scientist at Secret Sauce Partners where he created a patented technology for predicting customer behavior. Zoltan is also a lecturer at Budapest University of Technology and Economics, his alma mater, with a focus on big data and data science. He has dozens of publications and he is a regular speaker at international conferences.