Advanced GBM Workshop summary + Lighting talks

In the first 10-minutes of this 30-min session we’ll share some of the experience from organizing an advanced workshop on gradient boosting machines/gradient boosted decision trees (GBM/GBDT) on the workshop day at the Budapest BI Forum. 

This workshop was limited to advanced users of GBMs (there was an application process), but otherwise it was free/no charge to attend. The workshop aimed to bring together experts in machine learning and in particular gradient boosting to discuss best practices for using GBM/GBDTs in business applications. In order to make the discussions effective, we needed to limit the participation to 12 people, therefore the need for the application process (and also to check the applicants have the required experience in machine learning and GBMs). 

Many of the applicants have also committed to giving a lightning talk, which can then be followed with in-depth discussions on the topic. We are looking forward to this workshop and to share some of the content and information to a broader audience at the Budapest BI Forum.



  • Daróczi Gergely
  • Pafka Szilárd
  • Alex Trickey